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Welcome to the Wando Orchestra!

Thank you for visiting! As you transition to high school, there are a lot of decisions to be made. Choosing to attend Wando and joining the orchestra will be two of the best!





In addition to the great music that you will get to play, some of the other reasons you may want to join the orchestra include:

  • Earn your Fine Arts Credit that all major universities look for

  • All orchestra classes are Honors Classes, meaning you can earn up to a 5.5 toward your GPA!

  • Largest high school orchestra program in the tri-county area!

    • Record breaking numbers of students in Region Orchestra

    • Performances at the state and national level

    • Travel to awesome locations such as Nashville, Washington D.C., Orlando, and Williamsburg

    • $$ Scholarship money for college! $$

  • At Wando, you can be part of an amazing orchestra while also taking advantage of our over 28 AP classes, countless extracurricular activities, sports, and MUCH more!

    • Unlike other options you may be considering, here at Wando you don't have to choose between top notch academics and a high level fine arts program - you can have it all!​

Reserve your spot for next year! 
Click the link below to Pre-Register for the Wando Orchestra!

NO AUDITION is required for those currently enrolled in an 8th grade strings class!

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